RFP for Repairs to the Market Street Musuem

Property Tax Rates

Property Tax Type
Rate Amount per $100 Valuation
City 0.5271
County 0.66705
School 1.54402
SARA 0.016425
Go Co Ground water 0.0098
Total 2.76439

Sales Tax Rates

 Sales Tax Type
Tax Amount
City Sales Tax-General 1.00%
City Tax to reduce ad valorem property taxes 0.50%
City Sales Tax-Economic Development 0.50%
State Sales Tax 6.25%
Total Sales Tax 8.25%

Other Tax Rates

 Tax Type
Tax Amount
State & Federal Gas Tax $0.3840 per gallon
State Franchise Tax (Higher of) $0.0550 - capital and $0.0450 - federal
State Income Tax $0