Animal Control


The Animal Control Department is responsible for the daily care of all animals and the cleaning of the shelter.

Duties include:
  • Collecting strays and animals at large found within the city limits
  • Delivering and picking up of animal cages (traps)
  • Picking up and disposing of dead animals in City right of ways
  • Investigating animal cruelty, dog bites, and nuisances
  • Euthanizing animals
  • Sending possible rabies cases to the Texas Department of Health
  • Writing citations for violation of City Ordinances pertaining to animals in the city limits
  • Sale of City registration tags
  • Collection of impound fees

Animal Control Adoption Policy

All adoptions are handled through Goliad Pet Adoption. Click link to see pets for adoption and information. 

For Emergencies or after hours please call our on call phone at 361-645-4945.

Animal Control Fees

  • Pet Licenses – Spayed or Neutered Animals - $5
  • Pet Licenses – Non-Spayed or Non-Neutered - $10
  • Livestock Permit Renewal Fee - $15
  • Impound Fees
    • First Impoundment  - $35 + $10 per day for food
    • Second Impoundment  - $45 + $10 per day for food
    • Third Impoundment  - $55 + $10 per day for food
Animal permit required