What is considered “running at large”?
An animal not in a fenced yard or not in control by its owner on a leash. If your pet is sitting on your porch, and your porch is not in a fenced yard, your pet is considered to be “at large” and can be picked up and you could be cited.

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1. If I have an animal control call within the city limits after business hours, on weekends, or on holidays, whom do I call?
2. What does it cost to get my pet out of the animal control shelter?
3. How can I get an animal cage (trap)?
4. How do I report an animal roaming within city limits?
5. Why is it when I call and need Animal Control, it sometimes takes them a while to respond to the call?
6. Who do I call about a dead animal?
7. If my pet dies at home what do I do with the body?
8. What is considered “running at large”?
9. What is considered a “nuisance animal”?